Single Direction Vibratory Soil Plate

Bosch Standard Segmented Rim Diamond Blade for Universal Rough Cuts feature an engineered steel core and a medium diamond bond for long life in general-purpose cutting applications. Bosch has improved the diamond size and quality to deliver fast cutting, and provides consistent diamond content and even distribution. This blade is designed with taller segment height for longer life. This blade is constructed to cut faster and last longer than an abrasive wheel. These jobsite-proven standard segmented rim diamond blades are produced to Bosch-quality specifications, and their applications include cutting in pavers, soft brick and concrete/block. The blade features a 7/8 In. arbor.

  • Medium diamond bond – provides long life in general-purpose cutting applications
  • Improved diamond size and quality – delivers fast cutting
  • Consistent diamond content and even distribution – offers reliability in performance
  • Cuts a variety of materials – applications include pavers, soft brick and concrete/block
  • Jobsite-proven blades – produced to Bosch-quality specifications





ApplicationPavers, soft brick, concrete/block
Blade Thickness0.079″
Cutting DepthCutting Depth
ToolSmall angle grinder