L546 Liebherr Wheel Loaders 

Liebherr Wheeled Loader

The all-round mid-range wheel loaders prove their worth in all areas of use, achieving excellent productivity. Lift arms optimised for use and wide-ranging attachments in place make them extremely versatile and universally applicable.

  • Optimum weight distribution due to its unique component mounting position
  • The option to choose between parallel linkage and Z-bar linkage means the right machine is always available for the usespecifically required by the customer.
  • Additional ballast is needed to increase the tipping load and improve stability

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L546 Liebherr Wheel Loaders 




Tipping load9,800 – 11,000 kg
Bucket capacity2.50 – 3.10 m³
Operating weight14,200 – 14,500 kg
Rated output ISO 14396120 kW / 163 HP