L586 Liebherr Wheel Loaders 

Liebherr Wheeled Loader

XPower is an innovative machine concept which combines performance, fuel efficiency, robustness and comfort. With their power split driveline, XPower wheel loaders work with the greatest level of efficiency in all applications.

  • Continuous traction control prevents the wheels from spinning.
  • Practically no brake wear due to hydraulic-mechanical braking action of the driveline.
  • Evaluation of machine usage and fuel consumption for economic machine management.

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L586 Liebherr Wheel Loaders 




Tipping load20,300 – 22,500 kg
Bucket capacity5.50 – 8.50 m³
Operating weight32,600 – 33,700 kg
Rated output ISO 14396260 kW / 354 HP