Action Equipment Tire Covers

Whether you need to keep a job site clean or keep employees safe we have several products just for you. With our full line of Tire Covers and Drip Diapers you’re guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for. All products come in variety of sizes to suit your needs.




Action Equipment Tire Covers

Tire covers includes materials used for covering rubber tires of construction, warehouse and maintenance equipment machinery for protection of finished floors.
A heavy duty fabric that could be made to fit any tire size that could be easily installed, will not slip off and are self-centered as the machinery is in motion.

Tire covers are used to protect finished flooring from scuff marks caused by rubber tires. They are easy to install, don’t slip off the tires and self center as you drive.

Tire Tread Cover: 1680D x 1680D
Nylon fiber fabric
Wheel hub Cover: 600 x 600 Denier
Polyester fiber fabric


9647ARW: 13″ x D: 35″$199.95Genie: GTH-5519

JLG: G5-18A

9655ARW: 15″ x D: 40″$219.95Genie: Z-60/34

JLG: 800A, 800AJ (2 WD), 600SJ, 800S, 800SJ, 860SJ

Skyjack: SJ61T, 66T

Snorkel: AB60J, AB80J, AB85RJ, TB60, TB66J

9657ARW: 6″ x D: 16″$119.95Genie: GS-2032, 2046, 2632, 3232, GS-2646, 26445AC, 3246, 4047  JLG: 2030ES, 2032ES, 2632ES, 2646ES, 3246ES, 3248, 3248RS, 4045R, T20E, T26E                                                                                                    SkyjackSJIII 3220, SJIII4620, 4626, 4632, 4740
9658ARW: 17″ x D: 32″$215.95Genie: S-60x, S-60XC, S-65, Z-62/40, Z60/37DC, Z-60/37FE              JLG: 460SJ (Opt Tires), 600A, 600AJ, 600AJN, 601S, E600J, E600JP, M600J, M600JP
9663ARW: 16″ x D: 35″$209.95JLG: 3394, 4394, 450A, 450AJ
9670ARW: 16″ x D: 50″$299.95Magni:
9689ARW: 8″ x D: 10.5″$95.95Genie: GS-1530, 1930, 1932                                                                        JLG: 1230ES, 1532R, 1930ES, 1932R                                                      SkyjackSJ12, 16, SJIII 3215, 3219
9690ARW: 24″ x D: 35″$299.95Tire Size41/18 – 22.5

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0413TS: W 5" x D 13", 0516TS: W 6" x D 16", 1235TS W 13" x D 35", 1540TS * W 15" x D 40", 1634TS W 16" D 35", 1750TS W 16" x D 50"